Develop the right skills in Graphic design principles, typography, & color mastery to create highly aesthetic projects.

Get evaluated by graphic design experts - receive specific feedback with what you did well, didn’t do well and how can you improve. Start as a graphic design Trainee to experience the basics, and then through the program master the relevant skills and work-experience necessary for a career.

How is this program structured?

Graphic Designing Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeksJoin ImmediatelyNo Qualification required
Own the creation and maintenance of both our marketing assets and content created to support the product and other marketing goals.

Students Spotlight

For an overworked Engineering student, getting a work experience in Graphic Designing can be really tough. This internship gave me the apt exposure and experience simultaneously with flexibility.

Duhita Banerjee
Reliance Aims
Graphic design Trainee

Design basics
Branding design aesthetics
Design balance
Negative & positive space
Usability testing
Concept development