Photography Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeks Start Immediately
Capture moments on film to use images to tell a story. Combine technical skills with a creative understanding of composition to capture images and use various techniques to enhance the appearance of each photograph.
Knowledge of camera operations
Proven shooting experience
Solid knowledge of Photoshop

What work experience will you gain?

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What does a career in Photography look like?

Catch a glimpse of a day in the life of a Photographer

You get to do amazing things and get paid to do something that you truly enjoy. Wherever your fancy takes you just follow it to get paid.

Hannah Couzens
Wex Photo Video

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Here's a little brief on Photography.

What is Photography?
Photography the perfect blend of art and science. The term “photograph” itself is essentially a combination of “photo” and “graph”, where photo means light and graph means data. Every picture you capture is information about the object - light. It’s an art form indeed. Like any other artist, it is your way of showing others how you perceive the world. It could be anything simple like taking a walk in the street or capturing moments spent with your family. Learn Photography at WePost.

Why is photography important for businesses?
Photography is an imperative tool that amplifies as to how businesses communicate with their target customers. It is the creative way to convey business ideas, message or information not only effectively but also beautifully. Here are just a few business reasons to consider if you are opting for a career in photography:
1. Visual Appeal
You’ve probably heard this adage before. These days pictures are worth at least a thousand words – probably more! Photos enable you to show your clients and customers what you have to offer rather than tell them. In this day and age, consumers like to see things for themselves before making a decision about a purchase. The internet has made this increasingly possible, which means photos and videos of your products and offerings are more valuable than ever before.
2. Distinguished
If you want to compete with the other businesses in your sector, you need to find marketing strategies that will individualize your company. Stock images downloaded from the web won’t give you the individuality that your company requires.
3. Business Development
Often times the cost of professional photography makes it tempting for business owners to take photos themselves or find a lower cost alternative to hiring a professional photographer. If this thought crosses your mind, remember: your photos represent your business. Low quality, unprofessional photos will communicate the same about your organization and the products and services you offer. Your photos and your website are hugely important when it comes to making a first impression on customers. Don’t skimp on them!
4. Versatility
When it comes to marketing your business online, you have probably heard the phrase “content is king.” This has been the case for a while now, and it definitely still holds true. But what many don’t realize is that photos are content – and they are a powerful, versatile form of content at that. Online, photos can be used to make your website infinitely more engaging. They can be used to build your brand on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. They can also be featured in blog posts and articles – the possibilities are endless.

The photographers play an important role in today's modern competitive global environment. The photography has become an integral part of any business and if you are looking for a career in photography or want to be a Photography Intern, WePost can help. The leading millennial publication empowers budding photographers to develop their skills. If you are looking for your first Photography job, first experience it at WePost to get your elementary basics right and to build your portfolio of your work for better employment prospects.