Social Prospecting Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeks Start Immediately
You would be responsible for prospecting, qualifying and generating new leads for WePOST. It’s your job to find potential clients for the sales team. You’re the first step in the prospecting process, and sales teams rely on your persuasive abilities and creative methods of finding potential customers.
Ability to effectively solve problems.
Creative and able to adapt quickly to change.
Position requires strong written and verbal communication skills.

What work experience will you gain?

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What does a career in Social Prospecting look like?

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You get to do amazing things. Primarily connect with new people and understanding them. More importantly, maintaining a relationship with existing customers is a prime focus.

Tanya Williams
Digital Conversations

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Here's a little brief on Social Media Prospecting.

What is Social Media Prospecting?
nbound marketers know their marketing strategy isn’t complete without social media. That’s where your fans and followers sing the praises of your product (especially in online reviews) for the world to see. But there are two groups of people on social media: Your fans and followers, and then everyone else.That’s where social prospecting comes in. Social prospecting is the art of listening to people, not mentions or keywords. It’s about scouring the social web, identifying potential prospects, and engaging them through content to get them to your site and move them through your funnel. Learn Social Media Prospecting at WePost.

Why is social prospecting important for businesses?
When you search social media channels for prospects that your company can help, you’re practicing social prospecting. These prospects may be people who would benefit from your services, or they might be people who would simply benefit from your company’s knowledge in the industry. Once you find these prospects, you can reach out to them and show them how you can help make their lives easier.
This doesn’t mean just throwing your content at anyone on social channels that seems like they might be interested in your services. Social media is about engaging with others in a helpful or fun way, and you shouldn’t forget this just because you are now using these channels for business. People don’t like to be talked to as if you are just trying to sell them your services. Instead, if your content can help them in their job or with any struggles they are experiencing in their business, then they will be more than happy to engage with you.
At this point, you are probably thinking “How can I engage with strangers on social media without being annoying or, even worse, creepy?” Well, that’s where the social prospecting strategies come into play. These strategies will help you find social media users who can benefit from your knowledge and provide tips on the best ways to engage on the various channels. Also, while you are practicing these strategies, remember that your main goal should be to be helpful. People often don’t want to ask for help, but when help is offered, most are open to accepting it.
Your role plays an important role in today's modern competitive global environment. If you are looking for your social prospecting job, first experience it at WePost to get your elementary basics right and to build the portfolio of your work for better employment prospects.