Develop the right skills in Videography, Editing, Ideation and Direction to craft highly engaging videos.

Get evaluated by videography experts - receive specific feedback with what you did well, didn’t do well and how can you improve. Start as a Videography Trainee to experience the basics, and then through the program master the relevant skills and work-experience necessary for a career.

How is this program structured?

Videography Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeksJoin ImmediatelyNo Qualification required
Work as part director, part sound man, and part editor. Operates video cameras and related equipment in the production and editing of videos for viral buzz/ promotion.

Students Spotlight

Videography and learning virtually? I laughed. But Who knew it would be so good!! It was like working at a real organisation had real fun with the briefs assigned for my captures. The feedback they gave especially, was really helpful.

Sreyan Mullik Chowdhury
St.Xavier's College

Video Basics
Video Compilation
Visual Storytelling
Video Journalism
Street Photography
Script Breakdown